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Tunisia: The Forgotten Country

The last 40 years, my wife Jean and I, have traveled the world.  We never thought of Tunisia as a future destination, not until his Excellency the Ambassador of Tunisia to the United States, Mohammed Nejib Hashana, invited us to visit his country.


Now let me share with you a slide show of this peaceful Moslem country, it’s people, their hospitality, archeological treasures, exciting Mediterranean beach resorts, five star hotels and yes, exceptional food.

Tunisia, formerly the ancient Roman province of Africa, is the land that gave its name to the entire continent.  Now a small, peaceful, independent  nation, Tunisia enjoys a rich heritage of successive major civilizations. 

In antiquity it was the center of the Carthaginian civilization.  After the Punic wars, it became the heartland of Roman Africa, with its rich provincial towns,  full of building decorated with colorful mosaics.
Early Christianity was strong in this land where ST. Augustine studied, taught and wrote many of his famous "Confessions".  Later, as Islam moved west, the city of Kairouan was the center  for the spread of the new civilization to all of North Africa and Spain.

During Europe's Dark Ages, the Zitouna Mosque  University in Tunis, which was founded before El Azhar in Cairo, became an enlightenedcenter of science and literature.  It contributed to preserving the legacy of ancient world.



ABOVE:  Tourist attraction, the charming resort town of Sidi Bou Said and it`s food, near Tunis
  Famous Bardo Museum in the Capital City of Tunis
ABOVE:  Highly acclaimed Restaurant Dar El Jeld in Tunis 
ABOVE:  Tunis Capital of Tunisia
ABOVE:  Magnificent food at 5 Star Residence Hotel in Gammarth, near Tunis
  Hotel Residendence  
ABOVE:  Holy City of Kairouan and Mosque
The most impressive monument in Tunisia, the Amphitheatre at El Jem    
ABOVE:  World Heritage Site Roman City of Dougga-most dramatic in Tunisia
ABOVE:  Resort town of Sousse-great seafood near marina on the Mediterranean.